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I fold single pieces of paper into recognizable forms of stars, insects, figures, and abstract visions to explore the cosmos through the art form of origami, in its past, present, and the future. This epic journey of finding hidden dimensions of space through tessellations, feeling empathy with and the subjectivity of the creatures that I create, and conceiving of constellations of stars and clusters of galaxies gives me great joy and a sense of destiny. Using a time machine, I go back to the paleolithic time of the caveman who discovers a monolithic structure of the stairway. I also fly to the Nevada desert to make friendship with a cactus, which I immortalize in the form of an origami piece. I search the text of the Book of Genesis to reconstruct the Tower of Babel which reflects the finite nature of human ability and imagination, in comparison to the infinite nature of divinity. 

Through practicing origami, I become the space explorer, the astrophysicist, the anthropologist, and the entomologist. I fold the paper in my studio in a singular time and space, but the origami allows me to explore the entirety of the cosmos at different times and spaces. Through origami, I am unbound from my physical body and my personal, social and economic circumstances. I become a free soul who explores and searches for truth and meaning. 

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